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Do you need a tow truck? When your vehicle breaks down, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to get it to a repair shop or a location you want to go. We as one of the premier towing companies in town have a fleet of tow trucks ready to serve you. We are the towing company that specializes in getting your vehicle to the designated location safely, quickly, and affordably. In addition, we also provide roadside assistance!

Car Towing - Light Duty Towing

Light Duty Towing

We provide light-duty towing services for our clients. According to the classification, light-duty vehicles typically include cars, minivans, motorcycles, and SUVs. Our entire fleet of towing trucks can handle any type of towing. Towing trucks such as flatbed tow trucks and wheel lift tow trucks can handle any towing job effectively. Flatbed tow trucks have platforms that can incline at an angle to the ground, allowing vehicles to be winched or driven up onto them. Wheel lift tow trucks have metal yokes that can lift either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle and tow it to the next location.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

We are dedicated to providing you with the best heavy-duty towing services. Providing safe transportation for your equipment and vehicle is our priority. Since we utilize the most advanced technology and operate with the best possible procedures, we will ensure that your vehicle is safely towed, be it motorhomes, RVs, trucks, and heavy equipment. We have trained tow operators who can handle any type of truck on the road today, no matter its make, model, or size. Our heavy-duty towing team offers friendly, fast and affordable services with affordable rates.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

When your vehicle has a problem on the road, always rely on a professional. We recommend that drivers contact us if they require roadside assistance in Williamsburg, VA. From flat tire change, jump start, car lockout to gas delivery services, we can provide you with the solutions you need. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and we’re well-known for getting drivers back on the road quickly. Not only will your vehicle receive the service it requires to drive again, but you can also rest assured that your money is hard at work.

Happy Customer - Towing & Roadside Services

Customer Reviews

“The tow truck driver was fast and efficient! He handled everything smoothly, and the service rate is affordable. Wise Protech Roadside & Towing Co. is awesome, highly recommend!”

– Kate W.

“The tow truck driver was fast and friendly. This is the best experience I’ve had with a towing company.

– Jessica T.

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